Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Florida Vacation or ( Why did I come Back?) Family... we missed all

Excellent vacation to Florida. We spent 16 days there, got warm, and say so much!  We began in St. Pete.We then visited Sarasota with it's amazing circus museums. We  had strawberries in Plant City, in remembrance of my Mom then a day in Orlando.  . Our next  stop was St. Augustine where there is so much history, a fort, lighthouse, museums. We then returned to the west coast, spent a day with Larry and Marleta, good times. We visited the Sarasota area again and finished in Tampa.
Great visits with Larry and Marleta, the highlight of the trip. So much history, so much warm weather. And home to family, thanks to Geo for picking us up and to bro Daughdrill for dropping us off.

And as usual, Linda found such great accommodations at great reasonable rates!!

One of Those Indiana Winter Days

Harry spent a week with the flu after a wonderful trip to Florida for 16 days.  Makes you wonder why anyone lives in Indiana in the winter.  Today we decided it was time to stretch out and we headed for the Mall to walk a couple rounds.  Enroute, we became part of an 11 vehicle group of accidents on the 69/ Coldwater Road overpass.  The car two behind us slid, hitting the car right behind us and causing that car to slide sideways and into the back of us, pushing us into a van in front of us.  Nobody was hurt, but the two cars in back of us were likely totaled.  There were already 2 accidents the policeman was dealing with in the far right and center lanes just ahead of us...

Harry made it on the Channel 15 Noon News today: