Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Big News - New Baby - New Hive

Big news of the past week -  Collin Jameson Jones was born last Friday, April 13.  Proud parents - Pat & Amber have a beautiful little boy.

Also noteworthy -  Harry and I had a call from a beekeeper friend last night that there was a swarm to be had in Autumn Ridge but he was busy and couldn't go get it, so Harry & I suited up and went to collect the bees that were gathering around a light post.  It was a small swarm but we carefully pushed and prodded bees into my hive box and will check today to see if they stayed and hope we got the queen.  My hive is now up and running!  At least we think so.

Friday, April 6, 2012

A Hive of My Own

Freshly painted and located right in the center of the front hill - MY beehive! Painting help from Tyler on the primer, I did the first coat, and Harry did the 2nd coat today. He couldn't wait to set it out, so we did that tonight.

Getting Political

Harry requested a Mourdock sign and he sure got it - not one but a giant one and 2 smaller ones. Guess we have a good location.

Annual Egg Hunt

The Spring wouldn't be complete without the annual Easter egg hunt in the yard. This year it was a week early because Chicago grandkids had been here for the week. We started the festivities with lunch at Golden Corral. Just our luck, two buses pulled up as we were getting situated and let out 100 people, so the crowd was tough to navigate but nobody went hungry - that's for sure. The kids loved the new menu item - cotton candy. One of the photos shows one of the stacks of cotton candy cones polished off by our bunch.

Courtney, Hal & Tyler filled the eggs and hid them this year. Great job!