Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Visit from Angela and Ethan

We had an eventful weekend with Ethan, Angela, Anna and Ben as our house guests.  George's joined us for pizza on Friday evening and it was fun to see the cousins having such a good time.  Ben and Seth are only a month apart and Anna seems to fit right in with George's other 3.  

On Saturday, Angela's friend Liz and her family (including their 2 year-old twins) visited and Pat, Amber and their group came while Liz' family was here.  

Sunday, John (Uncle Truck) and Jake and Jessica Canaveral came for lunch, along with George's group.  Jake was one of Ethan's mission companions in Australia, so they had a good visit and Jake brought the traditional Australian dessert.  I believe they called it "slam" - it is a chocolate covered wafer cookie and you bite one corner off the top and one off the bottom, dip it in hot chocolate and try the suck the hot chocolate up through the cookie as if it were a straw.  When the chocolate on the outside of the cookie starts to melt, you shove it into your mouth and eat it all at once.  Delicious!