Sunday, November 30, 2008


All children, grandchildren, and Uncle John present and accounted for and we made it -  one long table in the basement (24 + 2 babies).  As in years past - the Saturday after Thanksgiving Day is the designated day for our gathering.  Fond remembrances of Grandma Hazel and the many years she pulled together a Thanksgiving feast.  Then as the years passed, it was dinner at Marguerita's restaurant in Rochester.  I marveled that Grandma put those dinners together for so many years without seeming to bat an eyelash, but I do understand the hard work and effort that went into those many dinners -- and she didn't use paper plates!!

Weather was beautiful and I have no pictures to prove it, but do have the black dirt around the house to show that the favorite grandkid activity was playing King of the Hill on the black dirt mound.  Everyone's shoes (and socks) were likely ruined.  

Grandpa was nostalgic as everyone drove away and commented that it was a perfect time watching the cousins play together and just having everyone here.  

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Trunk or Treat

We enjoyed a Halloween Eve at the church trunk or treat party.  It was a 3 Ward combined activity so there was a good turnout.  I'd prepared 65 treat bags and ran out, so there were a lot of kids.  Some photos of our gang at the festivities.