Monday, April 5, 2010

The Annual Easter Egg Hunt & Feast

Relaxing Read on the Porch

Who Me Driving?

Yup! She'll Be Driving Soon...

Look Ma! Hands & Feet...

Amy Carries on the Family Tradition of Making Chocolate Eggs
And the Winner This Year - Peanut Butter Cream Cheese...

George Now Organizes the Egg Hunt

Interested Bystanders

Hal opts to hide rather than seek

Chicago Grandkids Visit

I'm a big guy now!

We had a great time with Harry & Teresa's 5 kids for about a week. Harry & Teresa enjoyed a fantastic trip to Japan and we had a grandkid gathering here. Spent a good bit of time with the local cousins (George & Anna's 4) and then topped it off with a big family Easter which is our tradition with the Egg Hunt and dinner. We spent 3 days - 2 nights at Pokagon State Park with the Chicago & Fort Wayne cousins. They'd rented one of the bigger Inn rooms we'd reserved and gave us a very nice cabin with 2 sections and an adjoining door. It was perfect! Every day was filled with lots of activities and weather was perfect for outdoor fun - hiking, playing at the parks, etc. Our first night we found the Pizza Hut All-You-Can-Eat buffet in Angola. Buffet is the only way to go with growing boys (and girls). Days we were home during the week (usually evenings), Grandpa Harry took it upon himself to give driving lessons to Courtney, Hal and Tyler in the school parking lot and then breaking the law entirely but having Courtney and Hal drive from the school to our house on "primarily" the back roads. At least their first driving experience will not be on the busy streets of Chicago and Grandpa had a blast being their mentor. He woke up this morning saying he was ready to retire. I think he's found out what retirement activities he wants to do - GRANDKIDS....
The Boys' Table - Pizza Hut

Tyler Finds a $20 Bill While Hiking

Our Cabin at Pokagon

One Good-Looking Bunch of Cousins