Tuesday, October 22, 2013

So What Happened to Blogging?

Since the advent of Facebook and one-line communications, it seems the Blog has managed to lose readership.  So I said to myself, "If I do post something, will anybody actually read it?"  It has been a long, long time since I posted, so here goes.

A beautiful Fall day here on the farm.  We had our honey harvest on Sept. 21 and are now going about preparing our hives for the winter.  One of the seven hives is too weak to make it, so we're trying to decide whether to combine it with another hive yet before winter or let it go.  That's always tough to lose a hive.  We had 5 hives going into last winter and they all survived - a record for us and perhaps for any beekeeper.  Had a few helpers from church - the Hansens and the Beadners.  Harvested close to 250 pounds this year, of which a bit less than half left the premises to family and friends on harvest day.

Our Friend, Dave Myers, loaned us his 18 frame electric extractor and helped us with the extraction.
Wow, what a difference from our little 3-frame manual model!