Thursday, August 19, 2010

FHE - Pears

The kids joined us for FHE on Monday. We picked the pear crop from our 2 trees and followed the work project with 'Smores. The most fun... no those aren't hot dogs, they're cattails - the kids had a great time picking cattails and spreading the fuzz all over the place and burning some of it in the campfire.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday! Sunday!

As with most Sundays, George & Anna & crew came out for dinner. Today we introduced the trumpet to Natalie, Sam & Seth while Harry and Levi went home teaching. I've picked up a few instruments at garage sales over the past couple years (a trumpet, saxophone, guitar, and clarinet - never give more than $20 for one). The kids are finally at a stage where they understand taking turns a bit better, so it's probably time to get them out and make use of them. Anna brought her flute to practice a song she will be doing for church in 2 weeks. The kids all got their turn to try to the flute and none really got a sound out, so I got out the trumpet and Sam got some decent sounds out of it right away. Natalie heard the sounds and came in to take her turn and she did a good job, too. Poor Seth doesn't have the technique of not putting the whole mouthpiece in his mouth yet so he had less luck getting any sound out. He did a good job humming into the horn, though.

We also had visitors to the back yard after the kids left. It's been awhile since we saw deer and much as we hate to think what they'll do to the garden if they become regulars, they were too pretty to shoo them away.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Week With Grandkids

We were lucky enough to have Sydney, Nolan, and Allison for a visit last week. Syd & Allie are bosom buddies and Nolan hung out with Grandpa a lot. We filled the week with lots of fun activities but I'd have to say that the favorite past-time was riding the golf cart. I didn't get many photos of the week's events but got a few from Science Central.