Saturday, September 29, 2007

Janet's Visit

Fortunately, Janet took a couple pictures while they were here so here are a couple that she emailed to us.

A Visit from Michigan Family

Harry and I went to Rochester and did some sorting yesterday. We found 2 whole boxes of photos and had fun going through some of them with visitors from Michigan today. Aunt Grace, Aunt Jean, Anita, Lisle, Jill and Jane made the long trip down to see us and we enjoyed a good time catching up on news and browsing through old photos.

Here's a blast from the past. The year of the Mohawk!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Update From Oregon

Janet & Lydia accomplished the near impossible. They packed Granny's china and goblets in their luggage and got them to Oregon without a single broken piece. Many prayers and lots of worrying and a miracle. The luggage had even been opened and repacked at some point because of some metal in them. All is well and they are home safe and sound.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Family Visits

Janet, Lydia, and 2 yr. old Sahara arrived on the 8th. Harry picked them up at the Indy airport and took them back today (the 15th) to catch their flight back to Oregon.

Can you believe we didn't get a single picture of Janet's while they were here? Amidst doctor appointments for Hazel and Janet going to Rochester for a couple days to sort out some things, I didn't think of pictures at the times I could have actually taken some. The picture above is of John and Janet, Jill and Jane - the year of the twins. Janet found lots of old pictures hiding in the nooks and crannies when they were sorting out.

Lydia brought lots of things back here and put things up on Grandma Hazel's walls so it really looks like home in there.

John and Janet were able to celebrate their 51st birthday together Thursday night. I'm sure it's been many, many years since they were able to do that. They went to a new pancake house in Akron for dinner.

Amy and family arrived back in Indiana a week ago Tuesday and spent 4 days with us. They expect to be in Indiana for a few months and are not sure of their plans after that.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Family Fun on Labor Day

Cousins, cousins, everywhere! What a great time for the cousins. Harry and Teresa, Anita and Mike, George and Anna, Marleta and Larry, and both grandmas were here in addition to all those great cousins.

We had to stay inside most of the time because of the recent invasion of mosquitoes - our first real case of them all summer.

Uncle Dew stayed long enough to see Harry and Teresa and family, then made his way back to the UP.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

The Week in Review

It started out as a simple project - paint the front of the house. After close examination, the cedar siding had enough rot/cracking problems that we had to have the house resided on the front. Off with the old on with the new - a cement/fiber siding. They tell us it will last forever....

This week Chad Swing spent the week off and on painting for us. Linda threw in a couple hours of painting one day, and Harry and Dewey worked with Chad all day yesterday to finish the project. We are no longer the little brown house on the prairie. When you see us now the whole house matches.

Grandma Hazel took a ride to Rochester on Friday with Bonnie Swing. She and her nurse friends (Lillian, Beth, and Della) met at Karen's Restaurant for lunch. Karen's has let their indoor/outdoor carpet on their entry ramp fall into disrepair and Grandma caught either her walker or foot on the carpet and took a tumble. Nothing broken, but she admits she really got banged up and has been resting and trying to recover from the fall.