Saturday, April 23, 2011

Annual Easter Egg Hunt

Friday Night Euchre Game with Hal & Tyler

Trying Out Amy's Easter Eggs - YUM!

The two littlest guys are growing up and becoming buds.

Can it be a whole year since our last egg hunt? George & Anna filled all the candy eggs this year and, as in the past couple years, George organized the hunt. It's getting harder and harder to determine who is part of the "little kids" group. Some of these little guys jump right in and find bunches of eggs before some of the older ones so maybe next year it will be everyone take off at once... This year Brittney joined the fray and helped hide the eggs. We were only missing one egg at final count (not bad out of almost 200 eggs). Uncle John joined us, so it was 100% of the family this year - fun! Enjoyed lunch at a local restaurant rather the big cook & clean affair - everyone enjoyed that, especially Grandma! Amy did her famous chocolate eggs for the family again this year. Can't say there was a clear winner - all the flavors were superior - peanut butter, cherry, and coconut/nut.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

You Call This Spring???

We always figure it's Spring when the little cars come out. One bit the dirt this winter - bad battery. Had to bundle up good with cold, windy weather today but the boys braved it to drive the car for the first time.

Brrrrr - Seth wrapped up in Grandpa's coat.

Sam in Grandpa's BIG red hat