Saturday, January 17, 2009

January Cold

We've had near record colds this past week.  The last time Fort Wayne reached 19 below as it did on Thursday was in 1972 - the year Pat was born.  Harry captured the outdoor thermometer with a 20 below reading on Thursday morning.  
Today George & Anna and the kids came out to try out Jones Hill for sledding.  Seth stayed inside and Sam lasted only a few minutes - way too cold for extended exposure and George & his scouts cancelled their overnighter they'd planned in conjunction with the local Klondike Derby (smart move). 

Last week we had granddaughter Kensi for a few days.  Chuck had some ankle surgery and we were happy to have Kensi for a visit while he recouped.   Here is a photo of Kensi putting out birdseed for the birds.  Grandpa is orienting her to life on the farm.