Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas 2008

We had a wonderful Christmas with dinner and caroling on Christmas Eve with George's family and the missionaries.  A quiet Christmas Day with a couple of afternoon stops and caroling to a couple more friends with Levi & Natalie.  We visited Marjorie Brown at the nursing home.  I've been visiting teaching her for about 10 years.  I think I've only missed seeing her one Christmas (either on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day).  This year she was not well and was in her bed complaining of back trouble.  I believe Levi & Natalie's caroling really cheered her up.  

On Friday our whole family gathered at the Best Western in Lafayette.  In lieu of gifts this year - we had a holiday.  The Best Western has an indoor waterpark really geared for the young ones.  We feasted in the evening at the Pizza Hut buffet and it was amazing how well things went.  We have to give credit to older grandchildren like Courtney, Hal, and Tyler who assisted the little ones during many of the weekend activities including meals.  Harry said a man had been watching as the grandkids came and went from the buffet and he approached Harry to tell him how well-behaved all the children were.  Harry pointed out that they all had wonderful mothers and fathers, to which the man replied - "They make you look good."

Saturday was another highlight with dinner at Wesley Manor where my mother lives in a duplex.  We went to the main building there and had a lunch served in a big room in the basement.  Our family, my mother, and my sister's entire family (including my brother-in-law's father from South Bend), enjoyed a great dinner together, much game-playing, and some singing around the piano.  As the elder George S. would have said, "A good time was had by all."