Thursday, June 26, 2008

Birthdays! Birthdays! Surprise!!!

Our chef knows how to do all the tricks and our waitress gives Levi a big hug.

A special birthday dessert - a sundae with a sparkler in it.
Thurmans all the way from Alabama.  Joe meets Griffin.

Becca outdid herself with the cake and George designed a book for letters.
The new babies in the family
Anna's Mom & Dad came to lend a hand with all the work and grandkids.  Wonderful friends!

It was an eventful weekend with a major '60' birthday surprise party for Harry.  Our kids took it on from start to finish and invited a few friends and fixed lots of good food.  He thought he was going to a birthday party for grandson, Levi whose birthday is the day after Harry's so there was no thought that it was anything other than that.  When he walked in and saw some of his friends singing Happy Birthday that was his first clue.  We were very surprised to have our old friends the Thurmans make the trip all the way up from Alabama for the occasion.  The kids arranged for a family photo after the party.  All-in-all the best of times!  

Last night we compensated for the fact that it wasn't a birthday party for Levi and took him out to the Japanese restaurant for his birthday (a day late).  He had a great time watching the cooking and trying new foods and chopsticks.  

Saturday, June 14, 2008

A Visit to Grandma Simpson

We made a surprise visit to Grandma Simpson this week to introduce Griff to her.  Amber is still on maternity leave and Pat has the summer off from school.  We enjoyed the day!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Dew & Sue Visit

Dewey & Susan came down for the Memorial Day weekend and spent a few days with us.  Dewey proved his skills once again as an expert griller.  Bump & family were here for a couple days and we all enjoyed the great brats, burgs, dogs and pork chops Dewey cooked up on Memorial Day.  Bump's kids were here while he and Teresa spent 2 days house hunting.  Bump started his new job a week ago and the family hope to join him by July 1.   Harry & Dewey and Bump's kids helped us get our garden in.  They really worked hard.  

Daniel became fast friends with Harry while he was here.  We've never had him when his parents weren't with him and it gave us a great chance to get to know the little guy.  He's quite a character.

Spring is for Babies

We've been blessed with 2 beautiful grandsons this Spring.  First, Seth Isaiah - George & Anna's 4th and now Griffin Talmage - Pat & Amber's first.  Seth made the last post.  Griff was born May 18 - about 2 weeks ahead of schedule.