Monday, June 28, 2010

No Longer a Hazard Pulling In Here

After much deliberation, we decided to pave the driveway. Fearing that one day we would be rearended or someone else having the same fate trying to get into our driveway, we made the big splurge to pave the drive. So - come visit!

Speaking of Anniversaries

The Newlyweds & the Oldlyweds

Lookin' Good After 50 Years!

Roy, Linda, Mom & Marleta

Pat & The Gang

We attended a real 50th yesterday as Marleta & Larry celebrated their 50th Anniversary. A beautiful gathering that Dee spent weeks organizing and preparing for. We went to church in Elwood with Pat and he and his gang came right from church to attend the big event.

Remembering Camp Buffalo

Harry thought it was his 50th anniversary of his first camp experience at Camp Buffalo and went to spend the night there with John & his troop last Friday night. Dewey informed him that he went to camp as an 11-year old scout, so it was actually his 51st anniversary. The new dining hall is in the background. Harry says the camp is really top-rate with an indoor virtual archery range and a nationally rated rifle range.