Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Another Great Christmas Gathering in Buffalo Grove

I think this was the 5th year that Harry & Teresa have hosted the whole family at their home - usually the weekend after Christmas as it was this year.  Games, talent show, food...    and the annual taste test which this year was potato chips:

Winners of the Chip Contest - Left to Right - #1 Pringles, #2 deLISH Kettle Cooked, #3 Jay's Classic

11 Varieties to Test

Tallying the Results

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

This Year's Honey Party

This was the biggest year ever - people and honey!  Labor Day 2014 - we had 42+ here for the honey party - mostly family but a few friends and 390 pounds of honey.  That's 140 pounds more than last year and our biggest extraction ever.  A big thanks to our friend, Dave Myers, for the loan of his big, electric extractor.  We would still be cranking without it.  We did use our 3-frame crank extractor to give the kids a chance to manually extract some honey.  It was the first year Sydney and Nolan have been able to be here:

My sister Marleta brought her two granddaughters Sarah and Hannah and my niece Anita (their mom) surprised me by coming to pick up the girls here and spend a little time.

Three elders and two sister missionaries were out for the harvest and lunch.

Elder Bassett

Sisters Montrose and Stone

Elders Pape and Smith

This was also a first year for our friends Kevin and Kathy Hagan.  Kevin saved the day by getting the grill going after our many attempts at keeping the thing lit - he worked his magic.  

Lunch was again chaos with that many people and that much food.  Amy says we should go with pizza next year.  The idea is sounding better all the time.  After mopping the floor 3 times today, I can see much wisdom in her suggestion.  

Thanks to all the friends and family who helped on the big day!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Putnam - Remus   Link from Nancy Loiselle

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

John's House Nearing Completion

The porch rebuild and the new siding have made John's house look great.  He's had some good help recently and things are moving along well.

One of the helpers thought to add a coat closet in the living room (below).

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Amazing John Jones

John has been in process of restoring a nearby home that he bought last summer.  He's doing an amazing job.  He's applied new siding, repaired wiring, repaired/replaced plumbing and heat ductwork - the list goes on!  What a guy.

Restored and hung kitchen cabinets

The Wow factor in the laundry room!

New paint throughout - painted woodwork really gives it class.