Monday, April 14, 2008

Spring is Near

I've neglected updates for awhile. This past month we had an Easter egg hunt here at the farm, welcomed new grandson Seth Isaiah to the family, had grandson Nolan this past week, and we are into dirt again! You do well to ask "Why do you want more dirt?" They were removing topsoil at Harry's office to do some landscaping - we can never pass up free dirt. Not only did we get that dirt, we got all the company's dirt for about 2 weeks. They've promised to move it where we want it when the ground dries out - for now it is a fixture on our driveway cement pad. Perhaps another mountain in the making??
Nolan & Levi - The Dirt Mountain

The Swingset Gets Some Use After a Long Winter

One of the first signs Harry's bulbs are coming up. He planted a couple hundred last Fall.

New Grandson Seth

Spoils of the Egg Hunt - Little Kids Inside, Big Kids Outside