Saturday, October 22, 2011

Busy Week

Mom trying out a scooter during the Apple Festival at the Manor
in Early October
A Solar Wax Melter Built By One of Our Beekeeper Club Members
Candles Made Displayed at the Beekeepers Meeting
Lip Balm Making at the Jones House

I spent the first 3 days of this week getting Mom settled into a temporary apartment. They closed the wing she was living on (they say "safety" issues but we know it was financial) and moved all those residents to other empty rooms in the Manor. We kids were upset about her leaving her beautiful apartment and going to a much smaller space that has very little to say for it - basically 2 nursing home rooms with a door between the rooms. Surprisingly, Mom was okay about the whole thing. While many residents were crying and having a hard time dealing with the move, Mom said it looked pretty good with her things in there. I brought all the dolls down after an initial smattering of dolls here and there and that seemed to make her happy. Everything else will be sealed up in her old room and stored until something else becomes available. I was so proud of my mom taking the move so easily and well.

Thursday we were in charge of our beekeepers meeting and I'd put together a video on making lip balm. Other members talked about melting wax, building a solar wax melter, and candle making. It turned out to be a fun evening.