Saturday, February 5, 2011

Heading Back to Frozen Indiana

Polynesian Cultural Center

Flowering Tree Near Where We are Staying

Waialua Botanical Garden

It will be hard to say goodbye to perfect weather - 65-80 every day (and night) but Harry has had enough of paradise and wants to get back to "real life". Can't say I feel that way. I hate winter and cold. We have 2 more days to enjoy before the flight home.

Funny story - last Sunday we planned for church in Laie and I didn't have a pair of nylons so we went shopping for some at the local grocery. NONE. I went to church in my sandals without nylons and as I was looking around I saw not one single woman wearing them. They just don't wear them here.

We are on the island of Kauai this week and it is simply beautiful and not the hustle bustle of Honolulu. A couple towns on the southern coast have some traffic but they are not "big city" kinds of places at all. Haven't seen a Walmart anywhere here. The movie South Pacific was filmed here and we've seen "Bali Hai". They also filmed several other movies here including parts of Jurassic Park.