Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Pokagon Get-Away

We enjoyed a 2-day getaway to Pokagon State Park for the second time this winter. They run a special 2 for 1 nights' stay at the Inn during January & February on Sun. thru Thurs. nights. It's a very relaxing place to go with hot tub, sauna, and fireplaces in many locations. The views, even in winter, are beautiful and there are birds, squirrels and sometimes deer to watch from the wide windows in several places. Thanks to our friend, Bonnie Swing, who comes and takes over with Grandma H. when we are gone, we have no worries at home. It's been a real treat.

One of our favorite spots is the library with fireplace, a wall of books, and always jigsaw puzzles set up on tables in various stages of being done - you can jump in and add a few pieces as you get the urge, then leave it to someone else when you realize these puzzles were donated and most have a bunch of pieces missing. I took my laptop along as they now have wireless Internet throughout, but I must say that it is hit and miss as yet. In fact, it is impossible to keep a connection for more than a few minutes. I suppose they'll be working on that as time goes by. One of my favorite sites is where they have a collection of "brain games" for us oldsters who need to try to improve a lot of brain functions. I love the daily jigsaw puzzle and my old favorite Sudoku so I do those most days. Gutterball frustrates me so I rarely do that one (bowling with hecklers) but once in awhile I play a game or two of that. I managed to get on the Inn network enough to do my usual dailies. No pieces missing in the jigsaws there!

Here's a shot of Harry in the library:

A snowy view of the courtyard outside our room window: