Saturday, August 25, 2007

More Family on the Move

News from Amy - their house is sold in Utah and they will be heading back to Indiana in early September. She is home schooling Logan and Cole through the Utah public schools K-12 online program. She is hoping that a move back to Indiana will still allow them to use this program. It is not strictly a computer-based program, but more a curriculum directed through the computer with lots of physical materials and books that they are using.

George and Anna sold their house this week! Great news all around. Nobody likes having 2 house payments. They are getting unpacked and settled in the new place.

We celebrated our 39th anniversary today by cleaning the garage. This evening we went to see the movie Hairspray and out to dinner. All around one of our more exciting and enjoyable anniversaries.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Moving Days

It's been a busy week and month so far. Pat and Amber got moved into their new home. George and Anna will be moving this coming Saturday.

We spent today with John in Rochester preparing to get Grandma's house up for sale. It will be listed as of Wednesday this coming week. Fond memories as we go through old photos and vestiges of childhood and years past.