Monday, March 3, 2008

Go Diego Go

This news is a bit old now, but a week ago we took Sydney, Nolan, Levi, Natalie and Anna to the Go, Diego, Go! Live show at the Embassy. Fun for all and perfect for kids in the preschool / early grades - fans of Diego and Dora. State Farm sponsored the show so we were treated to free tickets.
In other news - we celebrated Pat's birthday yesterday with Syd & Nolan and George & company. Always fun when the cousins can get together.

I started a class this week through the community connection (sponsored by the schools). It's a class in audio production using the computer. After the CD recording session in December, I decided I'd at least explore the subject to see how one goes about making recordings. It may be my retirement hobby while Harry takes up beekeeping. I doubt I'll learn a lot in 4 - 2 hr. sessions but at least it will be an intro to find out if I actually could or would like to take up recording.