Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving on Saturday

Grandpa teaching Natalie & Levi how to do Soduko

The traditional euchre game

As has been a tradition for a few years, our family gets together on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. This year we had hors doevre type foods for the entire meal - lots of finger foods and plenty of it. Teresa brought "brownie surprise" - a brownie made from a brownie mix, smashed black beans and water. You couldn't tell at all that it had beans in it. We had the missionaries for lunch and it turned out to be Elder Udy's birthday. A fun time was had by all.

George & Anna doing dishes after the festivities

Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving in Frankfort

We spent a wonderful Thanksgiving Day with Grandma Simpson. Wesley Manor puts on a Thanksgiving feast that rivals any home cookin'. Marleta & Larry, Anita & Mike and family were on hand for the festivities. On the way out of the dining room, the pianist providing music for the day was playing "Send in the Clowns", a song that Rachel sings and does beautifully. We encouraged her to sing and had the pianist start over. You could hear a hush from the dining room and the lobby as she got into the song and many gathered around to listen and then to join in some Christmas carols.

We got Grandma's apartment in Christmas mode, bringing all her decorations up from her storage room and filling the place with all her favorite Christmas things.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Counting the Days

Harry is just days away from retirement - 22 work days to be exact. So much is changing at his work that he knows this really is the best time to be retiring. Many employees are wondering about their future situations with some office closings likely and positions being eliminated. He worries about his colleagues and particularly his team. His guys gave him a couple retirement gifts at his team meeting this week, and he got a picture of his team at their Warsaw meeting. When he returned to work, he got his picture with his two Estimatics Coordinators.

I have been sorting/weeding things out in preparation for the holidays. Family will be in next Saturday and we will have our annual Thanksgiving "Saturday after" get-together. This year is "Finger Food" - we'll have things you can either eat with your hands or a toothpick. We'll see how that goes over. Next year I'll let someone else come up with the lunch plan, but I thought this would be fun one year. I plan to have many, many fruits and vegetables and found several heat in the oven things at "My Menu". Still looking for more ideas. Haven't decided if we will do the chocolate fountain - that is really a mess!! Sure is fun, though.